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About Hydro

Hydroponics is a cultivation method used in the world for hundreds of years. This method of cultivation was already used in ancient times. The name comes from the Greek words "hydros" means water and "ponos" means work. At the beginning of the 20th century, scientist William Frederick Gericke from the University of Berkeley popularized this technique by growing huge, over 7 meters tomatoes in his backyard without using the soil. It is a plant growing without soil that uses water nutrients to provide the necessary nutrients. This method enables plant production in any place in specially created systems that provide plants with the best conditions for development.The roots of the plant take everything they need to live straight from the water. Light, nutrients in water and carbon dioxide from the air are all plants need for beautiful growth. Hydroponics can now be carried out without restrictions by anyone who wants to try such a plant cultivation at home. Practically every plant can be grown in hydroponics. Buy your hydroponic garden today and check how simple and beautiful the combination of nature and technology is.

Hydroponics is also great fun for the youngest. It teaches responsibility, develops curiosity about the world and also allows children to observe the fascinating development of plants from seeds to fruits. It is possible that in the future such experiences will result in a career related to modern technologies increasingly used in food production.

Hydroponic techniques

DWC- Deep Water Culture. This type of hydroponic cultivation involves placing the plant's roots in a well-oxygenated solution consisting of water and nutrients. Appropriate aeration of the solution is ensured by an efficient air pump and air stones. These conditions allow plants to grow quickly and mature fast. Sometimes the growth is so spectacular that the progress of the crop is visible from day to day. It is one of the simplest hydroponic techniques convenient for people without experience in this type of cultivation. Of course, you need to ensure proper pH values ​​and the amount of nutrients. DWC systems are best illuminated with LED because in this way we will not have problems with too high temperature of the solution.

NFT- Nutrient Film Technique. In this technique, plants are grown on trays or in gutters, on the bottom of which a constantly thin layer of nutrient flows. This provides plants with optimal levels of both oxygen and nutrients. The roots of the plant develop on the bottom of the tray where there is a thin layer of irrigation mat ensuring even distribution of water and nutrients. The medium in this system is recirculated. However, you should remember to control the level of pH and the amount of nutrients dissolved in water (EC) and to periodically replace the entire medium (preferably every 2-3 weeks). An important aspect is also the solution temperature, which should be between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius, which ensures the best oxygenation of water. The root zone and the tank with the solution should be protected from light to prevent algae growth.

Wick method- It consists in drawing water into the growing medium through a special wick system. This is called passive hydroponics. These systems do not have pumps or are dependent on the water cycle. The advantage of such systems is undoubtedly the fact that we do not have to worry about power outages - your plants will always have access to water and nutrients.

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