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Would you like to try hydroponics but you think it's complicated? Not at all!

You may have come across meaningless abbreviations used by professional growers such as pH, EC or PAR. Of course, knowledge of these concepts and what is behind them is extremely important for professionals who deal with hydroponics. For home gardeners, however, it is more important to understand the basic principles by which plants can develop beautifully and healthily.

The most important concept is photosynthesis. People who understand this process can use this knowledge to create beautiful gardens and grow healthy plants. This reaction, which takes place in every plant, consists in the production of glucose and oxygen from carbon dioxide molecules and water with the participation of energy obtained from light.

That is why the only things necessary for a plant to live are light, water, carbon dioxide and nutrients (fertilizers). Thanks to hydroponic cultivation, the plant can easily take the necessary substances from the water, thanks to which the growth is quick and effective. The right spectrum of lighting allows the plant to develop quickly and show its full potential. Hydroponic systems allow you to grow fresh herbs and vegetables in places where there is no soil and no sunlight.

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