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Maxi FloraLarge hydroponic system


The large hydroponic garden will allow you to enjoy fresh plants throughout the year. Integrated LED lighting will provide your plants with ideal conditions for growth and effective photosynthesis. You can use three different lighting modes. A pump installed in the tank ensures adequate water circulation in the system. Check how lush plants can grow in your home with Maxi Flora. See for yourself that this system will give you the best crops of your favorite herbs and vegetables.

  • 3 LED lighting modes

  • LED lamp timer (3 intervals to choose)

  • Adjustable lighting height

  • Water pump ensuring proper solution circulation

  • Automatic pump shutdown if the water level is below the minimum

  • Rubber pads ensure system stability

Maxi Flora Specification

System sizes: 35x14x50 cm

Net-pot sizes: 4.5x4.5x6 cm

Maximum height of the LED lamp: 45 cm

Materials: Aluminum, ABS

Power supply: DC 24V / 1.5A power supply

LED power: 30W

LED lamp life: up to 50000 hours

Tank capacity: max 5 L

Quick start

  • Install the LED lamp in the system tank

  • Mix clean water with fertilizer and fill the tank to the indicated level (about 4.5L)

  • Mount the cultivation tray on the tank

  • Place the substrate in the growing baskets and insert it into the holes of the growing tray

  • Sow seeds into each of the holes in the pods

  • Connect the adapter first to the device and then to the plug

  • Place the lamp about 10 cm above the cultivation tray, turn on the LED lighting and select its operation mode

  • Enjoy your gardening successes!

  • Maxi Flora system tank

  • LED lamp with built-in timer

  • Power Supply

  • Net-pot basket (7 pieces)

  • Plant pods (7 pieces)

  • Fertilizer (A and B)

  • User manual

Discover the advantages of hydroponics

see the difference in your own kitchen

Ogród hydroponiczny Maxi Flora

Growing hydroponically at home? Yes, with Maxi Flora you have this possibility at your fingertips. This technologically advanced system will provide optimal conditions for growing your favorite herbs and mini vegetables.

Water pump

The built-in pump in the tank ensures water circulation in the system and improves nutrient solution oxygenation. The pump starts automatically in the programmed cycle. If the water level in the tank drops below the minimum, the pump will not start until the tank is refilled.

Adjustable lighting height

The lighting height can be adjusted by extending the telescopic arm of the lamp. Lift the lamp as the plant grows and watch how beautifully the plants rise towards the light. The maximum height of the lamp is 50cm.

3 lighting modes

Choose from three different modes of system lighting. Normal- full mixed light (14h ON / 10h OFF), Enjoy- white light, reduced light output (12h ON / 12h OFF), Grow- white light, higher light output (16h ON / 8h OFF)

The Maxi Flora is a device that will delight both beginners and experienced gardeners. This hydroponic system is a real innovation in home gardening. With a large reservoir with built-in water pump and Full-Spectrum LED lighting that easily adapts to the needs of your plants, home gardening is a pleasure. Plus, the lack of soil eliminates any pests that may be present.

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  • PawelGrudziądz
      March 5, 2021

      super sprawamam obydwa systemy - maly i duzy, obydwa sa mega dobre, wszystko rosnie znacznie szybciej niz normalnie posadzone i nie ma problemu z podlewaniem

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